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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 30/01/2013 00:00:50.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester WED 30/1

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:01 RYR13DL  EI-DCH   Boeing 737-8AS
01:00 BMR8928  G-RJXD   Embraer EMB145EP
04:27 MON565M  G-OZBT   Airbus A321-231
05:50 FDX5204  N916FD   Boeing 757-27B
05:53 CPA067   B-LIC    Boeing 747-467ERF
05:56 UAL100   N12109   Boeing 757-224
06:40 UAL20    N19117   Boeing 757-224
06:45 TCX149   G-MDBD   Airbus A330-243
06:51 ETD015   A6-EYS   Airbus A330-243
07:00 QTR041   A7-ACE   Airbus A330-202
07:07 VIR76X   G-VSXY   Airbus A330-343X
07:10 UAE21    A6-EGK   Boeing 777-31HER                – (7th Visit)
07:13 SIA328   9V-SWT   Boeing 777-312ER
07:16 RYR17ME  EI-EKE   Boeing 737-8AS
07:21 TOM123   G-OOBM   Boeing 767-324
07:25 BMR1582  G-RJXM   Embraer EMB145MP
07:26 SHT2A    G-EUUX   Airbus A320-232
07:28 EIN20E   EI-DER   Airbus A320-214
07:34 SHT34CA  G-DOCY   Boeing 737-436
07:36 BEE5RL   G-FLBC   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:37 BEE8GR   G-JECN   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:39 DLH2PF   D-ACNW   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:48 BEE2YC   G-JEDU   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:52 BEE6JZ  …

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 23/11/2012 00:35:14.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester FRI 23/11

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:36 EZY1828  G-EZWD   Airbus A320-214
00:46 EZY1KA   G-EZUE   Airbus A320-214
04:52 HRM2066  SX-BHR   Boeing 737-5L9
05:13 ABR8003  EI-SLJ   Aerospatiale ATR72-201
06:03 QTR041   A7-ACG   Airbus A330-202
06:09 ETD015   A6-EYP   Airbus A330-243
06:43 TOM159   G-OOAN   Boeing 767-39H
06:56 TOM143   G-DBLA   Boeing 767-35E
07:04 FDX5204  N919FD   Boeing 757-23A
07:05 AAL0210  N173AN   Boeing 757-223
07:07 UAL20    N13113   Boeing 757-224
07:09 AAL54    N195AN   Boeing 757-223
07:13 SIA328   9V-SWD   Boeing 777-312ER
07:18 DLH2PF   D-ACNF   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:21 RYR17ME  EI-EMK   Boeing 737-8AS
07:24 VIR76X   G-VTOP   Boeing 747-4Q8
07:28 BEE2YC   G-ECOF   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:30 BMR1366  G-EMBN   Embraer EMB145EP
07:32 EIN20E   EI-DEL   Airbus A320-214
07:36 BEE5RL   G-JECF   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:38 EZY130   G-EZAV   Airbus A319-111
07:41 BEE9KY   G-JECE   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:45 BEE2DV   G-JEDM   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:49 BEE1WT   D-ACNQ   Canadair…

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 03/10/2012 00:40:36.
Times are LOCAL
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester WED 3/10

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:40 MON569G  G-MONS   Airbus A300B4-605R
00:44 MON521   G-OZBH   Airbus A321-231
00:53 EZY194A  G-EZUY   Airbus A320-214
01:11 TVS3021  OK-TVF   Boeing 737-8FH                  – (3rd Visit)
01:17 EZY1942  G-EZTT   Airbus A320-214
01:19 MON567P  LX-STC   Airbus A320-212
01:21 TOM10G   G-OBYF   Boeing 767-304
01:27 MON535   G-OZBP   Airbus A321-231
01:34 TOM74B   G-BYAT   Boeing 757-204
01:58 MNB252   TC-MCZ   Airbus A330-243F          – (1st Visit) *****
02:14 TCX2519  G-TCBC   Boeing 757-236
02:18 EXS6316  G-LSAL   Boeing 757-204
02:30 MON649B  G-OZBG   Airbus A321-231
02:58 TOM8PD   G-OOAR   Airbus A320-214
03:22 EXS898   G-LSAC   Boeing 757-23A
04:20 TOM87H   SE-RFS   Boeing 767-304ER
05:12 FDX5204  N903FD   Boeing 757-2B7
05:15 TCX16DF  G-FCLE   Boeing 757-28A
05:24 MON667A  G-OZBT   Airbus A321-231
05:48 TOM169   G-PJLO   Boeing 767-35E
06:42 QTR041   A7-AFM   Airbus A330-203
06:55 ETD015   A6-EYO   Airbus A330-243
07:02 TCX149   G-OMYT   Airbus A330-243
07:07 EIN20E   EI-DVE  …

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 01/10/2012 00:00:01.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester MON 1/10

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:00 TCX68NF  G-JMCD   Boeing 757-25F
00:06 EXS884   G-GDFK   Boeing 737-36N
00:08 RYR3442  EI-EBC   Boeing 737-8AS
00:33 MON669   G-MARA   Airbus A321-231
00:44 MON569L  G-OZBG   Airbus A321-231
00:50 EZY1976  G-EZUG   Airbus A320-214
00:53 TOM97P   G-OOPH   Airbus A321-211
01:04 TOM8AC   G-BYAW   Boeing 757-204
00:18 MON534M  G-MONS   Airbus A300B4-605R
01:31 GEC8201  D-ALCS   McDonnell-Douglas MD-11
01:34 TOM36E   G-OOAR   Airbus A320-214
01:36 TOM90D   G-FDZX   Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:54 EZY1946  G-EZTT   Airbus A320-214
01:58 TCX2827  G-TCCA   Boeing 767-31K
03:13 MON685   G-MONK   Boeing 757-2T7
03:21 TCX98WP  G-NIKO   Airbus A321-211
03:52 TCX35HR  G-JMCE   Boeing 757-25F
04:32 MON505   G-OZBH   Airbus A321-231
04:35 TOM183   G-PJLO   Boeing 767-35E
05:02 TOM629   G-BYAT   Boeing 757-204
05:15 TOM137   G-OOAN   Boeing 767-39H
05:30 TOM779   SE-RFS   Boeing 767-304ER
05:39 MON535M  G-MONS   Airbus A300B4-605R
06:21 AAL210   N195AN   Boeing 757-223
06:59 TOM7DK   G-OBYF   Boeing 767-304

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Transair Pilot Shop

Now that the nights are drawing in I thought it would be good to talk about night flying. I have posted before about what is required to achieve your night rating, here I want put up some things for you to consider when you fly after dark.

Colour in roads, and towns on your chart in black. Yes that’s right, black. Most light aircraft have an internal red light that makes it almost impossible to see the reds, yellows on the standard CAA ½ mill scale chart. I did not do this on my first ever night flight from Cranfield. Upon returning to the Bedford area my instructor asked me to show me where the airfield was. I immediately pointed to the one within 20 degrees on the nose and was told that I would be in a lot of trouble landing there as that was Luton. Roads and towns…

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 20/09/2012 00:05:09.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester THU 20/9

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:05 RYR3225  EI-DAC   Boeing 737-8AS
00:07 EZY1892  G-EZUU   Airbus A320-214
00:15 MON605   G-OZBT   Airbus A321-231
00:23 TCX52UW  G-TCBA   Boeing 757-28A
00:55 TCX2523  G-DHJH   Airbus A321-211
01:17 MON667   G-OZBG   Airbus A321-231
01:19 EZY1906  G-EZUG   Airbus A320-214
01:22 TOM4JB   G-THOP   Boeing 737-3U3
01:24 EZY1976  G-EZTR   Airbus A320-214
01:27 TOM71G   G-OBYH   Boeing 767-304
01:32 TOM27D   G-FDZZ   Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:49 MON649L  G-MARA   Airbus A321-231
02:15 TOM895   G-TAWF   Boeing 737-8K5/W
02:37 TCX27GW  G-TCCA   Boeing 767-31K
02:44 TCX92FX  G-FCLD   Boeing 757-25F
03:33 STU3361  LX-STA   Airbus A320-212
03:37 LLC234   LY-FLH   Boeing 737-382
03:43 TOM557   G-BYAX   Boeing 757-204
05:04 TCX31GY  G-FCLA   Boeing 757-28A
05:17 FDX5204  N919FD   Boeing 757-23A
05:20 TOM173   G-OOBL   Boeing 767-324
06:17 TOM87T   G-OOPE   Airbus A321-211
06:21 TOM9PK   SE-RFS   Boeing 767-304ER
06:42 TOM197   G-OOAN   Boeing 767-39H
06:50 UAL20    N17139   Boeing 757-224

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 30/08/2012 00:00:15.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23 until 10.30 when ops changed to 05.

Manchester THU 30/8

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:00 RYR3225  EI-EPG   Boeing 737-8AS
00:11 TCX2523  G-OMYJ   Airbus A321-211
00:24 MON605   G-OZBI   Airbus A321-231
00:42 MON667   G-OZBL   Airbus A321-231
01:00 TOM71G   G-OBYD   Boeing 767-304
01:06 TCX92FX  G-FCLH   Boeing 757-28A
01:16 EZY1976  G-EZTN   Airbus A320-214
01:40 TOM4JB   G-THOP   Boeing 737-3U3
01:49 TOM27D   G-TAWG   Boeing 737-8K5/W
02:04 MON649L  G-OZBF   Airbus A321-231
02:06 TOM895   G-TAWF   Boeing 737-8K5/W
03:12 TOM557   G-BYAY   Boeing 757-204
03:20 TOM4AT   G-OBYF   Boeing 767-304
03:30 LLC234   LY-FLJ   Boeing 737-3K2
03:35 STU3361  LX-STA   Airbus A320-212
04:18 TCX31GY  G-FCLI   Boeing 757-28A
05:17 FDX5204  N917FD   Boeing 757-23A
05:21 MON306   G-EOMA   Airbus A330-243
05:52 TOM87T   G-OOPE   Airbus A321-211
06:01 TOM9PK   G-OBYH   Boeing 767-304
06:16 TOM173   G-DBLA   Boeing 767-35E
06:26 AAL210   N198AA   Boeing 757-223
06:50 TOM197   G-OOAN   Boeing 767-39H
06:57 TCX69RC  G-WJAN  …

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